Certified Home Inspector in Kansas City

Certified Inspector

InspectorNick.com is a certified home inspector in Kansas City. We work in accordance with ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Our team has met the requirements of passing a written exam and completing 250 home inspections. Ongoing education is required to stay knowledgeable in the latest technology, materials and skills needed for certified home inspections.

HAAG Certified Roof Inspectors

The HAAG certification carries authority and offers credibility that our team can properly assess all major types of residential roofs for damage due to wind, hail or mechanical issues. The course is taught by forensic engineers and is completed over 3 days. Ongoing education is required to maintain the certification.

Midwest Chimney Safety Council

The Midwest Chimney Safety Council provides our team updated information on the operation and maintenance of wood and gas burning appliances and chimneys.

National Radon Proficiency Program

Our certified home inspections in Kansas City are performed by professionals who have met the requirements set by the EPA and uphold the national standards and regulations for testing radon.

Kansas City's Certified Home Inspectors


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Only the best home inspectors wear our company logo and drive our trucks.

With that responsibility comes the requirement that our inspectors be certified and maintain these certifications through ongoing classes and education. InspectorNick.com believes in placing the very best and most knowledgeable inspectors in your hands to inspect the biggest investment you will likely ever make.