Mold Inspection Services in Kansas City

Mold Inspection Services

Mold Inspection Services in Kansas City

Mold Inspection

Mold is Everywhere

Mold naturally exists outside, therefore literally every time a door is opened, the dog runs into the house or kids come in with backpacks, mold spores enter the home. Mold spores can attach themselves to just about anything. With that being said, it is important to know that while every building could have some amount of mold, it is only major concern when a water event or high moisture causes mold to grow in the home. Bottom line – the mold inside the home should be less than what is naturally occurring outdoors.

Health Concerns with Mold

Excessive amounts of indoor mold can cause allergies, bronchial irritation, asthma, and other serious health concerns. Sometimes people have adverse reactions even when they are not particularly sensitive to air pollutions. In addition to health concerns, excessive mold in the home may cause structural damage to your interior or exterior, as well as harm furniture and flooring.

A complete report will be provided detailing which molds or fungus are at concerning or problematic levels. Should tests reveal high levels of mold, we will recommend service professionals that can remediate and restore the home’s air to a healthy state.

$250 First Sample, $125 Additional Samples

Testing Your Home for Mold

During the mold inspection, will visually examine the most likely areas around the home that have a tendency to grow mold. We will take an air sample from inside the home as well as an outdoor sample. Those two samples are compared at our lab to determine if the mold levels inside the home are higher than what is naturally occurring outdoors. If the indoor mold levels are high, remediation will be necessary.

Mold Inspection Services in Kansas City

When You Should Test for Mold

If there are general concerns about the home

A water event has occurred or is suspected

A “musty” smell is noticed

An occupant is predisposed to respiratory illness

Mold Remediation has taken place and retesting is needed

Removing Mold From The Home

To remove mold from your home, the source must be identified first. Some obvious areas include humidifiers, leaky roofs, bathtubs, potted plants, indoor clothes racks, dryer exhaust pipes or any location there has been flooding or moisture intrusion. Once the moisture source is identified and repaired, remediation can begin. Post remediation testing is a must to ensure mold levels have been restored to acceptable limits. has a trusted partner for mold remediation and will happily connect you with this licensed professional.

We are here for you to make the process easy.

Our team of inspectors is here to help. Transparency, guidance, and education is our goal during the home inspection. We will help ensure the home you are purchasing is safe for your family and will not cause major or expensive problems in the future.


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