EIFS/Synthetic Stucco Inspections in Kansas City

EIFS/Synthetic Stucco/Dryvit Inspections

EIFS/Synthetic Stucco Inspections in Kansas City

EIFS/Synthetic Stucco/Dryvit Inspections

What is EIFS?

Exterior Insulation and Finish System are commonly called EIFS or synthetic stucco. EIFS was widely used in the late 1940s in Europe to repair buildings damaged during World War II. In the late 1960s, EIFS was introduced to the U.S. market and builders began using EIFS first on commercial buildings, then on residential homes. Simply said, EIFS uses multiple layers of different products that make a complete wall system for the home’s exterior. Typically, EIFS includes a water or air barrier, foam, a base coat that is embedded into a fiberglass mesh, a primer coat, and a finish coat.

Benefits of EIFS

There are many benefits to having EIFS on a home’s exterior. EIFS can reduce air infiltration and the extra layers can boost insulation. EIFS rarely needs painting and is resistant to dirt, mold, and mildew. It is also crack resistant and is excellent at maintaining its original appearance. EIFS in Kansas City is flexible and perfect for absorbing building movement as long as properly installed. In order for EIFS to function as it is intended, strict manufacturers’ guidelines and specifications should be followed. Residential construction is where the majority of problems with EIFS exist due to the installation of wood framing.

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Common Problems with EIFS

⋅Windows lacking caulk and improper flashing
⋅Missing expansion joints
⋅Lack of back wrapping of the insulation foam
⋅Cracking or peeling of the exterior surface

Certified EIFS Inspection

Ensuring your EIFS/Synthetics Stucco/Dryvit is properly installed is highly recommended. InspectorNick.com provides Certified EIFS Inspections in Kansas City. Equipment will be used to inspect for water seepage where it cannot be visually detected.

Visual Examiniation

We perform an examination of the EIFS, exterior sealants, flashing, windows, doors, roof-to-EIFS transitions, parapets, gutters, deck-to-building connections, EIFS terminations and any penetrations through the EIFS.

Moisture Scanning

A trained EIFS inspector in Kansas City will provide random electronic moisture scans of the building's envelope. Once the scan is complete, we record any high readings found from the scan and report back to our homeowners.

Detailed Reports

We provide detailed information on typical moisture-related problems with EIFS homes to assist in maintaining the value of the home. We also prepare a report of our observations detailing potential problem areas.

EIFS Failure

Lack of maintenance and building shortfalls are what ultimately lead to complete EIFS failure. Water intrusion and wood decay is the end result, with structural issues soon to follow. That said, EIFS on residential homes is desirable and marketable and has many benefits for residential homes.

Following simple maintenance guidelines will ensure EIFS is properly cared for on the exterior of the home.

EIFS Maintenance Tips

It is critical to maintain EIFS on the home’s exterior to prevent water intrusion and deterioration. With proper maintenance, your EIFS should hold strong for many years.

Inspect Sealant

At least once a year, inspect all sealant around the windows and doors. Inspect penetrations through the EIFS transitions and EIFS terminations on the roof, grade level, patios and walkways.

Prompt Repairing

It is imperative to arrange for prompt repair of any areas where the caulk is splitting, cracking or losing adhesion. We also suggest promptly repairing any cracks in the stucco.

Inspect Leakage

Any areas that are discolored, leaking, molding, or cracking should be thoroughly investigated by a certified EIFS inspector.

EIFS Penetration

Anytime EIFS is penetrated, such as to add a satellite dish, shutters, new wiring, cables, plumbing or security systems, the perimeters must be sealed with EIFS approved sealant.

Adjust Modifications

Modifications and renovations, including roof replacement, should be inspected by a qualified EIFS inspector in Kansas City to ensure waterproofing is properly performed.

Periodic Cleaning

Periodic cleaning of the EIFS is necessary to maintain its appearance and prevent permanent staining. Pressure cleaning equipment must be calibrated to the EIFS manufacturer's recommended pressure level to prevent damage to the stucco.

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