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Home Buyer Guide in Kansas City

Why a Home Inspection is Important

Top 6 reasons every homebuyer should have an inspection

Being Prepared is Important

Knowledge is power when it comes to home inspections. We strongly believe every home buyer should ensure a home inspection is administered on their home before purchasing. It is imperative to never buy a home without a proper home inspection. Whether you are buying a home that is new construction or 100 years old—it is essential to have a home inspection. No home is perfect, and you will need a trained inspector on your side to test and examine every system and room of the home.

Buying a House is a Big Investment

You should know all there is to know about the biggest investment you might ever make. An inspection is like test-driving a car. Before driving off the lot, you should make sure you like the way the car drives and operates. Buying a house is very similar. It is in your best financial interest to make sure all systems are inspected and are working together properly, safely and efficiently in the home. The investment you make in a new home could be for life.

Education is Key

The InspectorNick.com team is experienced and ready to educate you on all the systems in your future home. From sump pumps to breaker boxes and everything in between, we will answer all of your questions. If you would like to join us for the inspection, we will walk the house with you and show you where things are located and how they work. We will also point out items to watch for and let you know what systems need upkeep and maintenance. Your inspection is not just an inspection; it is a time for you to be educated and develop a better feel for your future home.

It Could Save Your Life

From chimney concerns to electrical issues, radon gas or natural gas, safety issues may be concealed and not recognizable to the untrained eye. We encourage all homebuyers to consider completing a radon test during your home inspection process. Radon is a radioactive gas and breathing high levels over an extended period of time could possibly lead to lung cancer. Protect yourself and your family.

Termites Could be Lurking

Termites can crawl into your walls and make their way into intricate spaces, causing serious structural damage and wreaking financial havoc. A termite inspection will check for the existence of living colonies, as well as current or previous damage. Our inspectors are licensed through the Department of Agriculture in Kansas and Missouri. After our inspection, you will receive a written report, which will allow you to have a plan in place prior to moving in.

You Think the House is Perfect

Home buying is an exciting process, and sometimes buyers become quickly attached after making an offer. InspectorNick.com is a neutral party when it comes to inspecting a home. Without an objective opinion, a buyer may overlook critical issues, thinking the house seems perfect. InspectorNick.com team will provide the facts, which will allow you to make the needed decisions using your heart and head. The inspection report will position you for the best possible negotiations with the seller.

We are here for you to make the process easy.

Our team of inspectors is here to help. We love providing resources to guide home buyers, especially first-time home buyers, to the right information. Transparency, guidance, and education is our goal during the home inspection. We will help ensure the home you are purchasing is safe for your family and will not cause major or expensive problems in the future.


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