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Structural Engineering Inspection

What Does a Structural Engineer Do

Structural Engineers are licensed professionals who design new structures, inspect and create designs for renovation projects, inspect structural concerns and review needed maintenance on existing structures. They are educated on the principles of physics and materials used in residential and commercial buildings. Structural Engineers provide an unbiased professional determination if beams, columns, foundations or other support elements can handle the loads applied to them. In addition, they are able to identify if structural problems exist or have the propensity to develop. Areas commonly inspected by Structural Engineers are the building itself, including the foundation, and any related structures such as retaining walls, garages or new additions. Should an issue be uncovered, the Structural Engineer will supply an objective breakdown of the concern and recommended next steps in the form of a comprehensive report.



Do I need a Structural Engineer Inspection

The most common reasons our clients utilize a Structural Engineer is to evaluate renovation plans or to determine if a structural issue exists and how serious it is. Involving a Structural Engineer for property improvements that involve the stability of the home, is essential.’s Structural Engineer, can provide contractors or architects with structural drawings and calculations to be used during the renovation process to ensure renovations are completed according to building codes and meet all necessary regulations. If the team or other professionals have identified common signs of structural issues, including cracks in foundation walls, bowing walls, uneven floors, cracks around windows, sticking doors or water penetrating the basement after a rain, our Structural Engineer may be needed. The Structural Engineer will objectively and without conflict of interest, evaluate the concern, analyze the cause of the issue, determine how serious it is and provide final say and proper next steps to rectify the issue. Let us help you today with any structural concerns you have or renovation projects underway. Call or schedule online.

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