Frequently Asked Questions

Our team inspects properties each and every day. However, we realize you may only work with a home inspector a handful of times in your life. Do not fret if you are not entirely clear on what we do, or why we do it. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we have received over the years.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a way to get a handle on the current status of a home from an unbiased, experienced professional. No home is perfect. When you are about to buy or sell a home, you need to know the current condition of each mechanical and structural system. We visually inspect all areas of the home from the roof to the basement, and everything in between, because we understand how it all works. We identify potential problems that could affect a buyer's decision, or hold up a seller's listing, and provide a thorough detailed report.

What makes the ‘ inspection’ different?

It is important to read up on your home inspector and know their certifications before you hire them. Our advice - use an ASHI certified inspector. They have taken tests and classes to be the best in the industry. Besides our technical certifications and licenses, we offer the most experience when it comes to home inspection. Education is our highest priority during your inspections. We encourage you to walk the entire home with us. We want to show you where everything is, how to maintain it and what to do if you have a problem. We guarantee our team will get on every roof. We walk every roof ourselves and do not eyeball it from your front lawn. Our team of inspectors is the only HAAG certified roof inspectors in Kansas City. has been ranked is a top-ranked and reviewed home inspection company by Google. We go above and beyond from scheduling to reporting. We are different, let us show you.

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Planning to list my home, but I’m nervous about the home inspection. What can I do?

Do not be a seller that "waits for the verdict" of a buyer's home inspection. You can take charge and know the status of your house even before you put it on the market. We offer a Pre-Listing inspection for sellers who want to know what a home inspector might uncover. This gives you time to budget and fix any issues that may be uncovered - or place your house on the market at a fair price with full disclosure of the status of your house. You will gain trust with your buyers and if you choose not to make repairs, a Pre-Listing may help the process go more smoothly.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Why does my newly constructed home need an inspection?

No home is perfect, and even new construction need a professional inspection. Our team often finds significant issues with new construction and can also spot potential problems early, while they are still easy to correct. It is especially valuable to arrange an inspection before the interior walls are finished, so we may look for problem areas where a builder may have taken a shortcut or not completed quality work.

How does the value of a home inspection outweigh the costs?

We understand that the real estate process can be costly. We also understand clients are often juggling the expense of appraisals, furniture, closing costs and much more. However, it is CRITICAL to not look at the home inspection as just another cost or as optional. Because a house is one of the largest purchases you will ever make, you need to know as much as possible about your investment. We can provide you with objective information to decide if this investment is a good or bad one. Some homes we inspect only have minor repairs and are in great shape. Others have major issues like foundation cracks or exterior issues that could cost thousands of dollars in repairs. It is best to know the condition of your investment before you close, and it is too late.

What if the inspection uncovers issues and I decide not to buy the house?

No house is going to be perfect and it is up to you to decide what issues the inspection uncovers that might affect your decision to purchase. If major problems are discovered, you can try negotiating with the seller to complete repairs before closing. In addition, the seller may lower the price or offer more favorable contract terms. In the end, the decision rests with you, but knowing about potential problems, before you buy, gives you the power to negotiate and make the best decision. It is never our goal for a deal to fall through because of home inspection findings, but it may be in the best interest for a buyer at that time. Initially, it might seem like a waste of money to have a home inspection on a house you do not end up buying, but look at it as an investment towards saving you money in the long run. Homeowners who have passed on their first house because of home inspection findings, often find a better listing with fewer problems and are thankful in the end for their initial inspection.

I am pretty handy – Can I complete the inspection myself?

Chances are, even if you are familiar with home construction, you may not have the knowledge, training, and experience of a professional home inspector. Our team inspects thousands of homes each year, and we are not only familiar with all the systems in a home, but how they collectively work together. We are also well versed on maintenance needs, and what signs to look for that would tell us something may be ready to fail. Beyond the technical expertise and experience of a professional home inspector, it is important to remember that our team always remains an impartial third party. As a buyer or seller of a property, it is sometimes challenging to remain unemotional about the house, so lean on us to provide an objective report, detailing only the facts.

Will you fix the problems you find during the inspection?

The code of ethics of The American Society of Home Inspectors prohibits members from doing repair work on properties we inspect. This ensures there will never be any conflict of interest by the home inspector. Our purpose is to provide an unbiased, objective third party report on the condition of the home. We can, however, provide a list of Nick's Trusted Partners who can complete any work needed.

How long will the home inspection take?

The time will vary depending on both the size and condition of the home. For most homes, 2-3 hours is pretty typical. But for larger homes, or homes in poor condition, it may take longer.

Do I have to be present for the inspection?

Not technically, but we ask that you join us for the home inspection. Part of our service is educating you about your new home. You can ask us questions and we will teach you maintenance tips. We promise you are not bothering us.

Is a home inspection required to buy or sell a house?

No, there are no laws requiring that a buyer or seller hire a home inspector. However we recommend a home inspection for every home buyer. We recommend that sellers get a Pre-Listing inspection to make their process go more smoothly. A buyer can request an "inspection contingency" to be part of the contract, meaning that the deal will not go through if the inspection uncovers issues the buyer is not comfortable with. There is extreme value in a home inspection and we do not advise buying a house without one.