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Common Defects Found During Home Inspections

by ll_inspector_nick

We have been through enough Kansas City homes to be aware of common defects found during a home inspection. While each home is unique, there are also some common “problem” areas found in homes. Here are some of the common areas we see home sellers need to address, and home buyers want fixed before signing the contract:

Defective Roofing Materials

Problems with roofing materials are the single most common home defect we find. It does not always mean that the roof needs to be replaced, sometimes it simply needs maintenance or repair. Because roofing defects are so common, we make sure to personally walk on every roof to get a first-hand look at the roof’s performance. Other home inspectors may not walk on your roof – but we will. As certified roof inspectors, count on us to inspect your roof and give you an honest report on the materials and status.

Rotted Wood

We always check the interior and exterior areas of the home for rotted wood. This can mean siding, trim, doors, flooring and baseboards inside and outside of the home. Wood typically rots when it has been wet for extended periods of time. This is especially evident in the bathroom near toilets, tubs, and showers – or even exterior areas where rain may puddle or snow has piled up.

Sometimes fixing these areas are as simple as replacing one or two boards, other times a floor or wall of siding may need to be replaced. We will refer you to the right professionals who can get the job done, and get the contract negotiations underway.

Ceiling Stains

We have all seen them – it looks like coffee was spilled on your ceiling. Ceiling stains are very common and can signify water leaks. They can be tricky because it is hard to know if stains are current, or were caused by leaks in the past which have since been repaired. We can examine the source of the leak and let you know if any repairs are needed.

Gas Furnace Maintenance

Many times in a home with a gas furnace, we notice a need for routine maintenance like a new filter or gas company certification. We will thoroughly inspect the furnace and let you know if there are any other issues in addition to routine maintenance that need attention like faulty operation or inadequate fire clearance.

Improper Water Heater Installation

Many water heaters are not installed in full compliance with the local plumbing code. As certified home inspectors, we understand the proper techniques and codes that each tank must have to be properly installed. We will refer a plumber if your hot water tank needs professional attention.

Plumbing Defects

Even in a new home, it is not uncommon for us to find a leaking faucet or slow drain. We often run across minor plumbing defects when inspecting homes. Many times our reports include repairs that the home seller can fix themselves. If a professional plumber is needed, we will provide a professional we trust.

Electrical Hazards

Many times in older homes, we will identify several electrical hazards during the home inspection. Newer homes may have them too, but they are especially common in older homes. We have seen improperly grounded outlets, improper wiring, unprotected sockets and more. Often times, there have been home improvements attempted by the homeowner that could be dangerous. In the event electrical maintenance needs to be performed, we will recommend an experienced electrician who can easily fix the problem.